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Marianna Black

33 Fryemont Street
Bryson City, NC 28713

Fax: 828-488-9857

Librarian: Jeff Delfield

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Open six days a week, Bryson City's Marianna Black Library serves the area's full-time and seasonal residents with...

• Latest best-sellers

• Movies, music, CDs & tapes

• Free internet access

• Comfortable reading area

• Great children's space

• Information center, wireless internet

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Library Closings

The library will be closed for training on Monday, September 22.


Please check the calendar on the home page of this website for holiday closings.




Author Program and Book Signing April 26


Saturday, April 26, 11 am. Patricia Jordan, author of My Journey in Overcoming Chronic Dysthymic Depression.


Patricia Jordan was molded to be a fixer. But after enduring years of listening to negative statements and mistruths about herself, Jordan soon realized that she was unable to fix herself without help. In her poignant memoir detailing her life before, during, and after her diagnosis of dysthymic depression, Jordan offers a look into a childhood devoid of nurturing and continues chronologically through her life as she attempts to carry on a normal life, despite the mental haze that continued to monopolize her.

My Journey in Overcoming Chronic Dysthymic Depression shares the inspirational story of how one woman finally learned to release negative emotions and replace them with healthy emotions of forgiveness and love.

Patricia Adrian Jordan has been married for over 30 years and has three daughters. She resides in North Carolina. This is her first book. She and her husband Jeff are charter members of Grace Community Church in Sylva, NC.




Free Movies At The Library


Movies are free and projected onto an 8 x 10 ft. screen in the auditorium.


Due to Production Studio guidelines the library may not include movie titles or studio names in its advertising. Please call the library for the movie titles.


– 3:30 pm. Disney, Hallmark and other family-oriented movies. Popcorn is served beginning at 3:20 pm. The library also gives away one free movie checkout voucher to each patron who attends the movie.


Free Music Programs At The Library on Thursdays


In addition to our twice-monthly community jams, come join us for a variety of free music programs, most of which are held on the front lawn of the Library - weather permitting; otherwise they are held in the library auditorium. Snacks and refreshments will be provided by the Friends of the Marianna Black Library. Video montages of most of our concerts are on YouTube. December jamming always includes holiday favorites. All concerts are 6 - 7:30 pm.


Community Music Jam 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Jam with other amateur musicians playing old-time mountain music. Come to sing, or just come to enjoy music at the library.

Weather permitting, the jams are on the front lawn of the library. In December we always include holiday favorites in the mix. Anyone with a banjo, guitar, mandolin, fiddle (anything unplugged) is invited.

Larry Barnett of Grandpa's Music (Depot Street) keeps the music flowing and the fun going. Normally, Barnett calls out a tune and its signature, and the group plays it together; but there's also a chance for anyone to share with the group a song they would like to perform. The community jams offer a chance for musicians of all ages and levels of ability to share music they have learned over the years or learn the old-time mountain songs.

This program receives support from the North Carolina Arts Council, an agency funded by the State of North Carolina and the National Endowment of the Arts, which believes a great nation deserves great art.



Native American Heritage Collection
Susan and Greg Leading Fox

In celebration of Native American Heritage Month, Susan Leading Fox is displaying some of her personal possessions that represent this occasion. Susan (Eastern Cherokee) and her husband, Greg (Pawnee) has been collecting items from as many North American tribes as possible. They make it a point, when traveling, to visit reservations and Native communities. On these travels, they often get to meet the artists who produce such beautiful objects.


Represented in this display are not only object of art, but family photographs. One photograph is Susan’s maternal grandmother when she was a small girl. She is standing in front of the Birdtown Boarding School that is no longer standing. One of the other photos is Susan’s maternal great grandparents – the Catts. Her grandmother is the little girl in the front when she was about 5 years old. The third photograph is of Greg’s grandfather – Leading Fox. The congregation is the surviving members of the slaughter of the Pawnee’s in Massacre Canyon in Nebraska that occurred in the 1800’s. The non-Indians in the photo are the Indian agents who brought the remaining survivors together.


Also included in the display are miniature pottery and baskets from Cherokee, sterling silver objects from Navajo, stone carvings from the first nations of Canada, wood carvings from Cherokee, and wooden masks from Cherokee. These are just a few of the objects in the display.


There are also three books: one is a Pawnee language dictionary, one a New Testament in Cherokee and the other a contemporary publication of Cherokee information on healing and health. There are many, many wonderful Native authors and I encourage you to check the library for books by Sherman Alexie, Louise Erdrich, and Leslie Marmon Silko just to name a few.


Susan and Greg hope that you enjoy the display and that is an inspiration for you to explore the culture and heritage of our nation’s first inhabitants.



"Service Priorities and Facilities Plan" Delivered to Swain County Commissioners; Team Assembled to Identify New Library Location


After many months of talking to people in our community and collecting data, Library Consultant Ron Dubberly has finally delivered a report of recommendations for a new library in Swain County(pdf).


Just as a recap, these are the steps that led to his report:


· Community Input Sessions - On October 11-13, 2010, ten different public input sessions were held at multiple locations in Swain County. Nearly one hundred participants discussed their personal visions for an "ideal" library and answered Dubberly's questions regarding their priorities for library services.

· Public Surveys - offered to patrons at the library and the readers of the Smoky Mountain Times. This survey gave those who missed the public input sessions a chance to voice their library service priorities.

· Key Stakeholders meetings - several meetings in January of 2011. These meeting were with local "key stakeholders," including members of the Town Board, Chamber of Commerce Board, School Board, and a County Administration representative.

Based on this community input, service priorities were identified. These service priorities and other statistical data provided the information Dubberly needed to come to some conclusive recommendations. Firstly, Swain County needs a new "Main Library" (as opposed to several smaller libraries spread out across the county) and that this new library should be built as close to Downtown Bryson City as feasibly possible. Citing that the current library is less than half the size of a State recommended minimum, he also recommended that the library be at least 24,000 square feet to serve a projected population through 2030. Finally, to provide enough land for a new building and adequate parking, Dubberly recommended a parcel of 2.4 acres.


The report also included recommendations for a new facility for the Fontana Regional Library Headquarters, currently located in the same building as the Marianna Black Library. If these two entities were to continue to be housed in the same building, Dubberly recommended a 33,000 square foot facility and a land parcel of 3.2 acres.


Click here for the full report (pdf: "A Service Priorities and Facilities Plan for the Swain County Public Library."


Recently a team was put together to identify and evaluate possible locations for a new library in Swain County. The members are Chester Bartlett, Gail Findlay, Nancy Gibson and Janice Wright; they are a mix of Marianna Black Library Board members and Friends of the Marianna Black Library. Though they have a clear set of criteria to work with from the Services Priorities and Facilities Plan (see article below), their task will be challenging, because 3 acres of good centrally located land is scarce in the county.



Child readingJust for kids — Marianna Black has a kids library that’s separate from the adult section, with lots of good books and four computers for children through middle-school age. During the week, there are special programs for preschoolers and home-schoolers. And
the Reading Rover brings the library to preschoolers and day care providers throughout the area.


Free Internet acessFree Internet access is available on nine public access computers to all library visitors with a current photo ID. Access time is limited on busy days and is on a first come, first served basis. Printing from the computer is also available at 25¢ a page.


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